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Performance Zone's Mission

"Performance Zone’s mission is to provide convenience and specialized care through holistic health care SERVICES. Sherrie promises each client will experience a minimum of 3 positive benefits from all services provided to bring confidence, inner strength and happiness to live life to its utmost potential."



The Origins of Performance Zone LLC


Hello and Welcome to Performance Zone LLC.  We are so glad to have you check in with us to learn how Performance Zone has transformed into what it is today. 


It started ten years ago, January 1, 2012 to be exact.  Performance Zone was originally known as Zander Training Zone LLC, but as you can see today the name and even the services have evolved and will always continue to do so to provide the best possible care for clients! 

It has been quite the adventure.  Starting out if you were searching for a personal trainer that encouraged you to find your strengths and weaknesses while working up a sweat with you; Zander was your go to gal.  Clients especially loved PNF-Stretching and massage at the end of their sessions.  (What is PNF-Stretching you ask? Contact me today to find out.) 

Massage of course was everyone’s favorite and mine, which helped in the decision to go back to school at Lacrosse Western Technical College for the Therapeutic Massage Program.  Running a business and taking classes to achieve another degree was no cake walk that’s for sure, but it was gloriously achieved! :)


After graduating and attaining a Wisconsin license in 2014, Zander Training Zone LLC transitioned into Zander Training Zone & Bodywork to accommodate the addition of services like sports massage, pregnancy massage, deep tissue and more.  At the same time all services transitioned into being offered as a mobile option.   

Over the course of the past couple years Zander has transformed both worlds into becoming the Top Sports Massage Therapist in your local area. Zander is working towards a Sports Massage Specialty Certificate all while accumulating experience through previous personal training and working with many MMA fighters, high school/college aged athletes individually, and with teams such as the La Crosse Loggers or Coulee Region Chill.   

Into the Present

Now how does that correlate into the present right? I'll gladly tell you. “Performance” has always been the key to Zander's development and of athletes and all clients, which is what brought on one more name change.  As Sports Massage has become the focus Zander Training Zone & Bodywork LLC needed a face lift, a complete re-branding. The main service being offered just didn't fit anymore.  We searched for a name that would represent itself.  A name that sounded strong and true to what we all want to achieve…the ability to perform daily activities at our best while feeling healthy and happy.  What better name than Performance Zone LLC?  It carries a bit of the past with the present and holds true that Zander will Zone in with purpose to your needs to improve overall performance. 

Through this journey Zander has maintained her interests and passion for fitness and working with athletes, but it has also brought out a strong interest in working with another demographic. This demographic Zander describes as "High Performance Career Occupations." This includes: construction workers, nurses, stock-man, landscapers, mechanics and so many other professions that use their bodies in repetitive & strenuous manners to provide care or a service for their community.


The care provided here at Performance Zone LLC is the care needed to help each individual perform at work and to continue strong and healthy within their field as long as they choose.   Performance Zone's mission is to provide convenience and care through holistic health care services. (Massage, Fitness, and hopefully soon Nutrition) Zander promises each client will experience a minimum of 3 positive benefits from all services provided to bring confidence, inner strength and happiness to live life to its utmost potential.   


No matter if you are within this demographic or not Zander is always eager to help you, your friends and your family to physically perform at your best and improve overall quality of life.  Are you ready to “Feel the Good”? #HAPPYDAY

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